Meotec (MEO) was founded in July 2010 as a scientific spin-off of the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Meotec currently employs 25 staff members, with 12 employees in the field of research and development. The focus of MEO since its startup phase lies on novel concepts for bioresorbable magnesium implants. Through a specially developed Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) procedure, MEO is able to convert the surface of light weight alloys such as magnesium or titanium into a ceramic layer, which allows to control the needs for physiological environments or, in case of bioresorbable magnesium implants, to decrease the time of resorption by the body. Other notable research areas of MEO are the development of custom alloys for biomedical applications, such as high-strength magnesium and titanium alloys processed via ECAP and rotary swaging, and a novel dynamic bioreactor degradation apparatus for quantitative measurement of implant degradation rates. MEO has also the analytical expertise for a full-surface characterization of materials via optical microscopy/micrography, SEM/EDX microscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), 3D profilometry, Potentiodynamic Polarization (PDP) and Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).


Christoph Ptock
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