Politecnico Di Torino

The Biomedical Lab Research Group, part of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (POL), is highly active in biomedical research, particularly on engineering in surgery, biomolecular, cellular and tissue engineering, controlled drug delivery, bioartificial systems and materials, bionanotechnology. The group is dedicated to the preparation of biomaterials and scaffolds for tissue engineering and their biological and physicochemical characterization. The Group has deep experience in the design of interfaces with tailored properties for improved cell and tissue compatibility. The Group is multidisciplinary and include Chemists, Biomedical and Chemical Engineers, Biotechnologists and Biologists. A fully equipped biological lab allows the evaluation of biomaterials and scaffold biocompatibility. POL main role in the project consists of the assessment of the cyto- and immune-compatibility anti-inflammatory capacity and induction of angiogenesis of developed implanted prototypes in vitro.


Prof. Gianluca Ciardelli
Phone +39 39 0110906919

Prof. Valeria Chiono
Phone +39 0110906920

Dr. Monica Boffito
Phone +39 0131 229347