EVPRO (Extracellular Vesicles Promoted Regenerative Osseointegration) aims to counteract the shortened lifetime and to reduce the risk of inflammation of hip revision prostheses. To this end, we are developing a novel bioinspired adaptive coating for hip revision endoprosthesis, which is able to control inflammation at the original anatomical location of the removed endoprosthesis and promote bone regeneration. We seek to achieve this by safe integration of human mesenchymal stem cell derived extracellular vesicles (MSC-EVs) into a smart biodegradable hydrogel which is absorbed into the micro pores of a TiO2 coating on the surface of conventional titan endoprosthesis.

By this approach, EVPRO intends to ensure mobility for elderly patients and improve their quality of life and well-being by diminishing problems associated with implanted joint prosthesis and by reducing the number and frequency of subsequent medical treatments.


The number of hip prostheses in the EU has risen steadily over the past ten years – most notably in Austria and Germany with 300 implants per 100,000 inhabitants. The frequency of aseptic inflammatory processes between bone and implant, accompanied with loosening of the prosthesis, has increased, resulting in a shortened lifetime of the hip replacement.

The EVPRO coating combines a novel bioinstructive, adaptive nano-functionalized degradable biomaterial homing extracellular vesicles incorporated in a non-degradable bone-instructive microporous and nano-roughened TiO2 surface. These coatings are applied at the interface between implant and inflamed tissue, to perceive inflammation and modulate it in a proportional, self-regulating manner. Additionally, they instruct bone forming cells, so-called osteoblasts, to migrate into the coating to improve osseointegration resulting in a better healing and an increased lifetime of the implant.

In the long term, researchers expect that the number of repeated operations to replace worn implants will decrease, having a direct positive impact on the duration of the necessary hospital stay and the prescription of expensive medication. The results of the EVPRO research project can thus support the European Union’s objectives on active ageing in society and lead to significant improvements in the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of citizens in the EU and beyond. Thereby, patients’ sufferings will be reduced and the overall success rate of replacement interventions and standing time of revision endoprosthesis will be increased. The postoperative outcome will be improved, resulting in an accelerated full-load mobilization and enhanced active ageing with more quality of life.


The EVPRO Consortium consists of eleven partners in four countries with extensive experience in participation and coordination of projects closely related to EVPRO’s ambitions. The EVPRO Consortium provides a strong open innovation platform on which this work can be carried out. Through structured cooperation on an international level we expect the successful development of the EVPRO technology.

Four-year duration

The EU project EVPRO has a four-year duration, starting in January 2019 and concluding in December 2022. As a part of the funding program Horizon 2020, the project is supported by the European Commission.